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Block Blast

Block Blast is an exciting and addicting classic puzzle game. Arrange blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally to remove them from the screen.

About Block Blast

The legendary Tetris game inspires the game, so there will also be some similarities, such as requiring players to arrange falling blocks to form horizontal lines or vertical columns full of blocks of the same color to remove them. The gameplay of these two games is relatively easy to play, but to become a master in these games requires more practice.

The game is about logical thinking and strategy, so to achieve good results, players need to arrange the blocks in a calculated way to get the highest score.

How to play

Remove blocks

The game's goal is to arrange blocks of the same color in rows or vertical columns to remove them from the board. The small squares can be removed when you arrange them in vertical and horizontal rows. However, if you have yet to fill the small squares in the horizontal or vertical columns, they will not be removed.

Increase your score

For each column destroyed, you will receive additional points. Your score will be displayed on the heart in the middle of the screen so you can easily see and track it. The more color bricks you remove from the screen, the higher your score.


The blocks ready to be used next are at the bottom of the play screen. Three blocks will appear randomly. Depending on your calculation method, you can choose which blocks to use first and last and which position is most appropriate.

When will the game end?

The difficulty level will get harder when you reach a specific high score. The game will end if you cannot arrange the random blocks to fit into the vertical or horizontal columns on the screen.

The more empty the screen is, the more likely you are to pass the challenge. If the screen is almost full of geometric blocks, but you still can't remove them, you're about to end the game.

How to calculate points

Basic score

You will receive 10 points every time you destroy a colored brick block in a horizontal or vertical column. This score is displayed in white text at the top centre of the table.


If you remove more than one line at a time or remove lines consecutively, you will receive bonus points for making combo moves.

Combo type and bonus points

  • Combo 1 block: +20 points
  • Combo of 2 blocks: +30 points
  • Combo of 3 blocks: +40 points
  • Combo of 4 blocks: +50 points
  • Combo of 5 blocks: +60 points
  • Combo of 6 blocks: +70 points
  • Combo of 7 blocks: +80 points
  • Combo of 8 blocks: +90 points
  • Combo of 9 blocks: +100 points

Special block

The game also includes special blocks, such as bombs or power-ups, which can help you eliminate a large part of the board and earn more points.


Occasionally, you may encounter challenges such as ice blocks or iron cages, preventing you from reaching certain board areas. Eliminating these challenges can open up opportunities to earn extra points.
To achieve high scores, you need to plan and execute moves strategically, make the most of special blocks, and create combos to increase your chances of earning more points.

A few things to note when playing Block Blast

Movement restrictions

You cannot move geometric shapes on the screen once you have dropped them, and the blocks that are being arranged cannot be changed in different directions. Regardless of their original position, you can only leave them as they are and drag them to a position that matches their shape.

You don't need to care about the color of these shapes; they create an illusion and more vividness for the player. The primary purpose is still to fill the horizontal and vertical columns on the screen. Arrange them logically and reasonably according to each geometry shape to eliminate as many columns as possible. Your score will gradually increase as you destroy more columns.

Limit rotation

You cannot rotate or change the direction of the colored bricks, which is both a highlight of the game and increases the difficulty and challenge for the player. At the same time, it stimulates logic and enhances the player's thinking ability. Players can test their IQ regularly while playing this game.

Tips for you to get high scores

Create many combos

The goal is to create combos that are as long as possible, as the bonus points for combos will increase with the number of blocks. Creating combos by eliminating multiple groups of blocks in a quick sequence can significantly improve your score and help you reach higher levels quickly. Think before moving the blocks. Don't rush to move, but take the time to observe the board and find the best position for each block.


Instead of making random moves, try to plan your moves. Visualize how each move will affect the rest of the board, and aim for combinations that will maximize your score.


On some levels, you may encounter obstacles such as ice blocks or iron cages that prevent you from reaching certain board areas. In these cases, removing these obstacles before focusing on block grafting is often beneficial. Be generous in using your special blocks. Keep them for difficult situations where they can make a significant impact.

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