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Monkey Mart

Description of Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is an idle game that helps you learn how to manage a supermarket store in an extremely fun way. Help the monkey build a big supermarket.

Become the boss of the store

You will play as a young monkey in charge of his own store filled with agricultural products. You are the owner of a small store and you need to try to upgrade and develop it so it becomes a huge supermarket. In addition, you should also invest in more new supermarkets to increase your income. Initially, you will have to do everything yourself, then hire employees to increase the amount of work and earn more. Your hard work and efforts will pay off when you collect the money you have earned. That is proof of the results you have achieved.

How to manage the store

  • Manage the products you create and sell to customers who are looking to buy. You will need to work hard to harvest crops like corn and eggs quickly.
  • Then you need to arrange them in a reasonable and beautiful way. You'll need to organize shelves, keep counters organized, and restock when supplies run out. Additionally, you have to make sure everything is presented well so shoppers can find what they need easily.
  • Once you have some extra cash, you can upgrade your skills to become a super-efficient store manager. With each level, your profits will increase but so will the challenges. You will need to hire more employees and manage them so that productivity is boosted without losing productivity.

What is your mission?

Harvest fruit

You will grow bananas, corn, and more right in the supermarket. Harvesting is key to keeping your shelves stocked with the freshest food. After harvesting, ensure transportation to shelves for sale.


Once you've sold your fruit, it's time to increase your revenue. Because there is only one checkout counter in the supermarket, you need to get to that counter quickly. Don't let your customers wait too long!

Tips to help you expand your supermarket

Unlock new goods

Use your cash to unlock many new foods. By adding more varieties of goods to your supermarket, you will attract more customers and increase your income.

Hire other monkeys

As your supermarket gets bigger, it can be difficult to manage it all. That's where hiring other monkeys comes in handy! You can hire employees to help you harvest your produce so you can focus on other important tasks. Also, if you want to play the puzzle game genre, you can refer to Block Blast. This game is very good and is attracting a lot of attention today.


  • The game possesses colorful 2D cartoon graphics with funny monkeys, creating a joyful and close feeling for players.
  • You need to plan and use strategic thinking to manage your supermarket effectively.
  • Each level brings new challenges, helping you practice your management and business abilities.
  • You can upgrade many different items in the supermarket such as cashier counters, warehouses, display counters,... to increase operational efficiency.
  • Each monkey has its own skills and personality, bringing variety and fun to the game.

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