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Angry Gran

In Angry Gran, you will play the role of an angry old woman who is running away from prison. Your goal is to run as far as possible and avoid obstacles.

The gameplay of Angry Gran

Mrs. Brain is trying to chase down the thief who stole her precious pie. Try to run as far as possible, along the way collect coins and items along the way to upgrade Granny's power. Coins can be used to upgrade the old lady's power, helping her run faster, jump higher, and gain more lives. The difficulty will gradually increase over time, you need to seize the opportunity to be able to give the best reflexes.

You must use your quick reflexes to control the main character and meet the game's requirements. The goal is to progress through the official rounds, aiming to climb the leaderboard and achieve high scores in categories such as Your Points, Your Money, Distance, Touches, and Obstacle Courses. These elements give you a roadmap of what to focus on during gameplay.


You can control the old lady by moving left, right, jumping, and net using the WASD control buttons.

Game rules and scoring method


You can't swing everything in sight. Avoid hitting the police, otherwise they will arrest you. Instead, focus on hitting other residents and objects like chairs or cabinets to earn points. Just be careful not to miss, otherwise Gran will have a backache or headache and need time to recover.

Scoring method

Now, onto the scoring. There are two main concepts to understand: Score and Coin. Points are the money you earn in each round, while coins are saved and can be used to upgrade Gran or buy new items. You'll earn points for hitting people or objects - 13 points for hitting a person and 9 points for hitting an object.

But here's the interesting thing, if you hit multiple targets at the same time, you will earn more points thanks to combo attacks. However, the number of coins you earn will not change, so make sure to keep track of both your score and your coin count.

What makes Angry Gran special?

Play on any platform

First of all, Angry Gran Game is available on all platforms just like Block Blast. Additionally, it is unblocked, so you can access it even in places where certain websites are restricted. That means you'll no longer be bored of being stuck in a place with limited Internet access!

Angry Gran Series

Next, we have the Angry Gran Series. This series introduces you to Gran and her adventures through various games. From racing to Halloween fun to running around causing chaos, there's something for everyone. And despite her age, Gran is still a stylish lady with her signature white hair, elegant outfits, and timeless accessories.

The main characters


First, we have the angry woman, the star of the show. You'll see her in all the games in the series, and while her appearance remains the same, her adventures vary. Whether she's racing through the streets or causing chaos on Halloween, one thing's for sure, she's always armed with her trusty weapon, ready to take down anyone who gets in her way.


Next, we have police officers. These guys are on patrol, trying to keep the peace and stop the angry woman's antics. They are people you should avoid hitting because they will come after you if they catch you in the act. So, be careful not to cause too much trouble when they're around!

The residents

Finally, we have the other inhabitants of the game, who are unlucky enough to suffer the wrath of the angry woman. From old neighbors and young girls to dancers and passersby, anyone can become a target. And because the main character is an old woman, most of these victims ignore being beaten and continue with their work as if nothing happened.

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