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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a colorful classic bubble shooting game. You will need to use your ball aiming skills to shoot accurately and destroy many bubbles.

Instructions on how to shoot the ball

Find bubbles of the same color

Your task is to burst clusters of three or more matching bubbles to earn points. The key to achieving the highest score is to pop matching large clusters in a row. You'll earn ten times the points when you pop bubbles that don't match an avalanche cluster, and double your points when you clear the entire field.

For example, if you see two blue bubbles on the left side of the screen and your bubble cannon has a blue bubble ready to shoot, aim at those two blue bubbles and shoot away! When your blue bubble touches the other two blue bubbles, they will all burst and you will score points.

Aim the ball accurately

Your arrow shooter, located in the bottom center, launches bubbles one at a time. You'll also see a preview of the next bubble and a row of backup bubbles to help you plan your shots strategically. If you like to relax in this intellectual way, Block Blast is also the next great idea for you to conquer.

The level of difficulty gradually increases

  • The difficulty level will gradually increase as your score increases. Starting as a beginner, you can progress to higher difficulty levels as you improve your score. The game offers options to adjust sound settings, restart, and see the highest score.
  • You have to aim carefully to create the right bubble clusters. Any bubbles connected to the cluster will explode, and nearby unmatched bubbles will burst into an avalanche. However, be cautious because a wrong shot or a failed match will cause you to lose your pass bubble. Losing all your pass bubbles will result in new rows of bubbles falling onto the field, making the game more difficult.

Some tips you may not know

Unlimited time

There's no need to rush when shooting the ball, so relax and watch the ball carefully. Scan the screen before shooting to find the best target for maximum score. Slow and steady wins the game!

See your next bubble

Check the next bubble color on the left side of your screen. Use this information to plan your move forward. Just like when playing checkers, thinking a few steps ahead will increase your score and help you succeed.

Borders are your friend

Use the borders of the playing area to your advantage. Toss your bubbles strategically around obstacles just like a game of billiards. It's all about finding the perfect angle!

Be careful when the game is over

Keep an eye out for bubbles getting closer to the ground. Manage the distance between the lowest bubble and the ground to keep breaking those high scores.

Combined photo

Look for clusters of bubbles of the same color. Shoot as a group for a combo shot! It's incredibly satisfying and a great way to accumulate points!

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