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Eggy Car

Conquer every level in Eggy Car

If you like driving games, you can try Eggy Car and start facing difficult challenges. Your task is to drive, keep a safe distance, and avoid breaking eggs. The player controls a vehicle carrying a fragile egg. The object of the game is to move the vehicle through rough and obstacle-filled terrain without breaking the egg.

How to help the car go further?

Your duties

In this game, your job is to drive and keep that egg safe. You will have to move along bumpy roads and steep hills so you need to be careful. Your goal is to drive as fast as possible while making sure the egg doesn't crack.

Stay calm and steady

To keep the egg safe, you need to find the right balance between speed and distance. Drive too fast and the eggs may fall out. Drive too slow and you'll run out of time! Stay calm, focus on the road, and adjust your speed to keep the egg safe.

Collect coins

As you drive, pay attention to the shiny coins scattered on the road. Collecting coins will help you increase your rank and unlock new features. But you should pay attention when collecting coins, don't be too greedy and lose focus and miss your main mission.

High concentration required

The game is like a fast-paced car race but requires extreme skill and concentration. Although its focus is not the same as Block Blast, the game by Block Blast, will be more about logical thinking, while this game requires more skill to balance the egg. You will need to stay focused and alert to overcome difficult obstacles and rough terrain. Pay attention to the road and keep your hands steady to ensure your egg can reach the finish line intact!


You can use a mouse or keyboard.

  • Mouse: You'll see two pedals on the screen one for forward (on the right) and one for backward. Just click or hold the corresponding pedal to move the vehicle.
  • Keyboard: You can also use the left and right arrow keys as pedals to control the vehicle.

Some advice for you

  • To get high scores in the game, you need to be patient and careful. Don't rush or you might tip over and drop the egg! But if the egg is freezing, go as fast as you can! However, you need to be careful because the egg will freeze in a short period of time. That is also an opportunity for you to take advantage of going further.
  • When driving uphill, press the key frequently instead of holding it. Knowing how to click and release slowly will make it easier for you to control the vehicle's speed on bumpy roads. This will help you keep the car stable.
  • When you collect a lot of coins you can unlock other cars with wider hoods to make it easier to keep your eggs safe. The more expensive the car, the more advantages it will give you. Helps you more easily balance the egg.

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