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Fruit Slasher

In Fruit Slasher, you will play the role of a talented ninja whose mission is to chop fruit with his sword. Your goal is to cut as much fruit as possible.

Cut fruit your way

This game challenges players to cut a variety of fruits with precision and speed. Your goal is to cut as many fruits as possible without letting any of them fall or touch the bomb.

Cut different fruits precisely

From kiwi to watermelon to pineapple, the game has a variety of fruits for you to cut and dice. Use your finger to swipe across the screen and cut each fruit in half. Keep your focus sharp and aim for perfect cuts to prolong your play.

The number of misses is limited

You are allowed to miss a maximum of three fruits or not cut the fruit. Once you've exhausted your chances, the game becomes more difficult, narrowing your ability to continue until you make a mistake. So use your slides wisely to stay in the game as long as possible.

Avoid bombs

Although the game doesn't seem too difficult at first, you'll need to watch out for bombs! Accidentally touching the bomb will end the game immediately, even if you still have a chance. You'll be back at the beginning, ready to start slicing fruit again. As you progress, the game becomes increasingly difficult, requiring extreme concentration to avoid mistakes.

Tips for achieving high scores

Swipe quickly and accurately

This game is made for agile and precise players. The key to success in this game is to make quick and precise swipes to ensure each fruit is cut in half. Keep an eye on the screen and find the right moment to make your cuts. Cutting faster and more accurately will help you avoid mistakes like missing fruit or touching a bomb.

Create bonus points with Combo

Want to earn more points? Try slicing multiple fruits at the same time to create combos! Combos multiply your points and allow you to accumulate them faster. Instead of just cutting one fruit at a time, try to cut two or more fruit at the same time to maximize your score. The more fruits you cut in one swipe, the higher your bonus score will be. Challenge yourself to create the biggest combos and watch your score soar!

Keep the momentum going

The game only ends when you run out of slides or touch a bomb. So to maximize your score, stay in the game as long as possible! The longer you play, the more points you accumulate and the more experience you gain. After each challenge, use your experience to improve your skills and aim for an even higher score next time.

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