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Gold Miner

Description of Gold Miner

In Gold Miner, players take on the role of a miner whose task is to use a hook to collect gold and rare minerals from the ground. Show off your mining talent. You will use a crane to pull gold pieces and other items from the ground. Each level has a specific goal of how much gold to collect, and you only have a limited amount of time to complete it. When you collect enough gold and reach the goal, you will advance to the next level. You can also buy explosives that help you mine more efficiently. Levels are increasingly difficult and require agility when playing because they are time-limited, while Block Blast has no time limit so you can play it calmly.

How to play

  • The player uses the mouse or control keys to move the hook left, right, and up and down.
  • When the hook touches the gold, the gold will be pulled out of the ground.
  • Need to collect the required amount of gold in each level to pass the next level.
  • Avoid colliding with obstacles, as this will cause you to lose points and can cause the game to end.


1-player mode:

  • Use the W or up arrow keys to throw explosives.
  • Use the S or DOWN arrow key to release the claw and grab the treasure.

2-player mode


  • Use the W key to throw explosives and clear rocks.
  • Use the S KEY to release the claw and get the treasure.


  • Use the up arrow key to throw explosives and clear rocks.
  • Left click to release the claw and get the treasure.


Before each level, visit the shop to buy useful items like dynamite, lucky clovers, and timers. These items are essential to achieving greater success and discovering the most valuable treasures hidden in the mine. Choose wisely and use your resources strategically to increase your chances of getting rich!

The modes

1 player mode

If you love individual challenges then 1 Player Mode is for you! In this mode, you will navigate the depths of the mine yourself. Use your trusty claw to retrieve valuable treasures like gold nuggets, gems, and rare artifacts. Test your skills against the game's mechanics and obstacles as you aim to collect as much treasure as possible.

2 player mode

In 2 Player Mode, you and a friend can team up to mine for treasure together! Work together to unearth buried treasures at the same time. You will need to cooperate and coordinate your moves to reach the target amount and win the level. The fun and challenge will double when you and your friends hunt for treasure together.

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