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Granny is a first-person horror game where players are locked in the house of a crazy grandmother and must find a way to escape within 5 days.


You wake up and find yourself locked in an old house with a fierce old woman. You must try to find the keys and necessary items to unlock the door and escape. Granny will follow the players and try to catch them. If the grandmother catches the player, the game ends and the player must start from the beginning. Your goal is to escape the old woman's house before she catches you within 5 days. The old woman will follow the player and try to attack them with a hammer. You must be careful, go gently and stealthily to avoid being discovered by the old woman.

Ways to escape from Granny

First of all, you need to be quiet as a mouse and stay out of Granny's sight. She has extremely sharp ears, she can hear even the smallest sounds. So when you move around, be very careful not to make noise. But if you need to distract her, you can intentionally make a little noise. That will give you a chance to sneak away and look for keys or other things you need. And if Grandma walks into the room you're in, find a good hiding spot. Under the bed, behind the wall, or in a large closet are the safest options for you. Sometimes, you can even find a weapon that can stun her for a while.

Finding keys has never been an easy task. You will have to spend a lot of time searching and thinking. Look everywhere in drawers, cabinets, and even sneaky places you wouldn't expect. You never know where you will find something useful.


You can easily control the character with the arrow keys or WASD keys. Press the E key to pick up or drop items. To destroy Granny, left click to shoot. When you're done shooting, leave quickly or she may return to normal and attack you.

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