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Hungry Shark Arena

In Hungry Shark Arena, you will play the role of sharks hunting and trying to survive in the vast ocean. Eat other small fish to become the strongest fish.

Fish hunting

Adventures under the ocean

Prepare yourself for an action-packed journey as you explore the vast waters of the deep ocean. In this game, survival is key as you move through challenging arenas filled with obstacles and opponents.

Choose your shark

With multiple shark species to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics, you can customize your gameplay experience to suit your style. Whether you prefer the lightning speed of a Mako shark or the raw power of a great white, there is a shark for every player. Unlock new shark species as you progress through the game and discover the perfect combination of strength and agility to overcome your opponents.

Participate in dramatic hunts

Immerse yourself in a world filled with delicious marine life, from schools of fish to unsuspecting swimmers. Devouring your prey not only satisfies your hunger, but also increases your score and unlocks special abilities. Be careful, you are not the only predator in these waters. Compete with other sharks vying for the same meal and one wrong move can turn you from hunter to prey.

Rule the Arena

As you hone your hunting prowess, a realm of shark upgrades and customizations awaits to amplify your abilities. From reinforced teeth for a mightier bite to streamlined dorsal fins for swifter maneuvers, each enhancement propels you towards supremacy. Explore various combinations to craft the ultimate shark tailored to your preferred playstyle and tactics.

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