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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

General information

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is the sequel to the famous survival horror game Poppy Playtime. The game has an engaging storyline and thrilling gameplay.


When the former employee wakes up in Catnap's clutches, he receives instructions from a mysterious voice named Ollie over the phone. Ollie, a friend of Poppy, helps the staff overcome the dangers of Playcare. Together, they must activate a generator to restore power and escape. Along the way, the employee experiences hallucinations and encounters familiar faces, including Poppy and Kissy Missy, who are seeking revenge on Prototype. Players must unravel the mystery and discover the secrets hidden in the toy factory.

Style play

Continuing the story from Chapter 2, the player continues to play the role of a toy factory employee trapped in a haunted complex. In Chapter 3, players will face new dangers and solve darker mysteries about the Playtime Co. factory. and the weird toys here. Players will take on the role of an employee trapped in Playcare, having to decode difficult puzzles, avoid aggressive monsters, and find a way out of this place. Players will have to move through different areas of the factory, decipher tricky puzzles, and avoid dangerous toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs, and Catnap.

Dangerous challenges

Survive and collect

Your goal in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is to survive in a dangerous environment full of horror toy monsters. Follow Ollie's instructions as you search for keys to open doors scattered throughout the amusement park. These keys are hidden in random locations, so keep your eyes peeled! And don't forget to use a gas mask to protect yourself from the deadly red smoke covering the area.

Catch face

Meet Catnap, a menacing toy monster with a creepy backstory. Once a young boy saved by Experiment 1006, Catnap now acts as a henchman, ready to destroy anyone who opposes Experiment 1006. Catnap stalks you relentlessly, emitting deadly red smoke to kill you. you are disoriented. Your only hope of defeating Catnap lies in the power of the Grab Pack. But be careful. Experiment 1006 lurks in the shadows, ready to intervene at any time.

Meet the monster

In this third part, a series of new characters will appear, each with their own secrets and motivations. From the terrifying Catnap to the tragic Dogday, you'll meet a diverse cast of characters as you unravel the mysteries of the toy factory. Poppy and Missy Kissy reveal important secrets, while Huggy Wuggy makes a brief but cold appearance.


Expanded map

In this part, the map and backgrounds are improved, allowing players to explore new areas such as the scrapyard, Playcare, and Play House. These locations are old and eerie, adding to the game's creepy atmosphere. As you move through these areas, you will discover secrets and mysteries that will keep you guessing until the very end.

New mechanism

In this chapter, Grab Pack hands are upgraded with a completely new function, the ability to shoot flares! Not only is the hand stretchy and sturdy, but it can also illuminate your surroundings and ward off little Laughing Creatures. This enhances the player's interaction with the environment, providing a more engaging gaming experience.

Impressive graphics and music

The realistic 3D design allows players to see every detail, from scratches on the wall to the smallest shadows. This attention to detail creates a truly gripping horror experience that will send shivers down your spine. Plus, the game's sound effects and music are perfectly integrated, adding to the thrill and tension at every turn. If you are bored with the horror genre, you can try playing Block Blast to stimulate your thinking in destroying boxy blocks.

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